I've been designing and building web sites commercially since 1997.

I've spent eight years of my career co-ordinating web projects, and five of those developing web strategy. The best jobs found me collaborating on User Interface and Experience design.

From responsive design in HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery to XHTML with CSS layout, and right back to HTML 3 with tables and all-Flash sites: I've been there and done that.

Here is some of my favourite work from 2002 to now.

PBS Learning Media

HTML5, Less, OOCSS, CSS, Repsonsive Design

Erickson Living

Front-end development lead, UI Design, Information Architecture, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Responsive design

Crayon Cuties Designer

UX Concept, UI Design, Flex 3, ActionScript 3

The Dutch Connection

Graphic Design, UI Design, Logo Design, XHTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Flash, jQuery

Rhyme Times Tables

UI Design, Flash, Actionscript

Custom CMS

UI Design, PHP, MySQL

Lunchtime Memories

UI Design, XHTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, ImageMagick

La Fattoria

Web Design, XHTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Flash

Robbie Stocker

XHTML, CSS, JavaScript

Web Strategy, XHTML, CSS, Flash Video, PHP, MySQL

Seddon Homes

UI Design, XHTML, CSS, Flash Video, PHP, MySQL

ID Generation


Rhydymwyn Valley

Flash, Actionscript





ID - Inspired Developments

Flash, Actionscript

Safe In Mind

UI Concept, Flash, ActionScript

Liberty Plc

UI Concept, Flash, Actionscript

Get Set Magazine

UI Concept, Flash, ActionScript

Oaklands College

W3C Guideline Compliance, HTML, CSS

GMS Website

Graphic Design, Information Architecture, SEO, HTML, CSS, Flash